Together Online After Dark: Thanksgiving 2021

Together Online After Dark: Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 may have looked different for many of us, with the ongoing pandemic shifting our usual traditions. More families turned to virtual gatherings to celebrate the holiday together. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of online Thanksgiving celebrations after dark, what made them special, and how they’ve redefined our sense of togetherness during the holidays.

Embracing New Traditions

As dusk fell on Thanksgiving Day, screens lit up across the world. Families and friends who couldn’t travel found solace in digital connection. From shared meals over video calls to online games and virtual movie nights, new traditions were born out of necessity.

Virtual Dinner Parties

One of the highlights of Thanksgiving is the dinner shared with loved ones. In 2021, many turned their dining rooms into virtual banquet halls. We’ll delve into how these virtual dinner parties kept the spirit of Thanksgiving alive, despite the physical distance.

Gratitude Goes Digital

The essence of Thanksgiving is gratitude. Last year, we saw an outpouring of thanks expressed through social media posts, virtual toastings, and heartfelt messages in family group chats. We’ll look at the heartwarming ways gratitude was shared online.

Online After Dark Activities

As the evening progressed, so did the activities. We’ll explore the games, storytelling sessions, and late-night conversations that kept the Thanksgiving spirit going long into the night.

Reflections on Togetherness

Despite the challenges faced, Thanksgiving 2021 reminded us of the resilience of human connection. We reflect on the lessons learned and the memories made during these unprecedented times.


How did people coordinate virtual Thanksgiving dinners?

Many families used video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype to dine ‘together’. Some sent recipes in advance to share a common menu, while others ordered delivery from the same local restaurant to support local businesses.

What were some popular online games played during Thanksgiving 2021?

Online board games, trivia, and charades were among the favorites. Families also used apps like Houseparty and Jackbox Games to facilitate interactive experiences.

Can virtual celebrations truly replace in-person gatherings?

While virtual celebrations can’t fully replicate the experience of in-person gatherings, they offer a unique way to maintain connections and celebrate traditions during difficult times.

What are some tips for hosting a successful virtual Thanksgiving?

Planning ahead, setting a schedule for activities, and making sure everyone knows how to use the chosen digital platform can help create a smooth and enjoyable virtual celebration.

Will virtual Thanksgivings continue to be popular in the future?

As technology becomes an even more integral part of our lives, it’s likely that some elements of virtual celebrations will remain popular, especially for families spread across long distances.