We Reviewed Benefit’s New Mascara, and Here’s Why It’s Worth the Hype

We Reviewed Benefit’s New Mascara, and Here’s Why It’s Worth the Hype

Benefit’s new mascara, Roller Lash, promises to deliver eyecatching volume and curl. We decided to test it out to see if it lives up to the hype.

First Impressions

The package certainly sets a high bar. The bright pink tube and flower shape make you expect big things from this mascara. As soon as you open it, the curvy wand with tiny spikes looks intriguing and different than most mascaras.

Easy to Apply

Roller Lash goes on smooth and dries quickly. The short spikes give you more control and separation. It takes a few coats to build real volume, but without clumps or globs. The formula feels light and flexible.

Dramatic Curl Power

True to its promise, Roller Lash curls lashes while applying. After just one coat, our tester’s normally straight lashes curved up on their own. Adding a few more layers intensified the curl even further without feeling stiff or crunchy.

All Day Staying Power

After an 8-hour workday, Roller Lash still looked freshly applied. There was no flaking, smudging or raccoon eyes even without primer. It came off easily with normal makeup remover and didn’t require harsh scrubbing.


Is Roller Lash waterproof?

No, Roller Lash is not waterproof and does not claim to be. It stays put through normal activity, but is not designed for water sports or heavy sweating.

Does it lengthen as well as curl?

Yes! The wand design helps lift lashes up and out to maximize length in addition to curl. Regular use helps condition lashes over time too.

What shades are available?

Roller Lash comes in classic black to define eyes and add drama. Benefit may expand the shade range in the future if it continues to prove popular.

Does it work on straight Asian lashes?

Absolutely. The reviews showing noticeable curl and length improvement include many Asian customers with naturally stick-straight lashes.

How does it compare to drugstore mascaras?

While not the cheapest option, Roller Lash outperforms drugstore mascaras for dramatic lifting, separation and longevity of effects. The quality warrants the price for most reviewers.