We Took a Pilates Reformer Class at Harmony Studios in Los Angeles

We Took a Pilates Reformer Class at Harmony Studios in Los Angeles

Pilates on the Reformer at Harmony Studios

We recently took a Pilates reformer class at Harmony Studios in Los Angeles. What started as curiosity about the equipment turned into an enjoyable and beneficial experience thanks to the kind instructors.

Finding Inner Strength and Balance

The controlled movements on the reformer machines challenged our balance and core strength in new ways. With guidance, we learned to engage the right muscle groups to find stability. The rewards went beyond physical fitness to a feeling of calm confidence.

A Judgement-Free Community

From the first moment, we felt welcomed with warmth that eased any self-consciousness. All different fitness levels worked side-by-side focused on their own journeys with no competition. The culture emphasizes self-acceptance.

Expert Instruction for Safety

The attentive instructors ensured we exercised safely by providing modifications and feedback. Their experience using the equipment enabled them to challenge us while preventing injury.


What is a Pilates reformer?

A Pilates reformer is a piece of exercise equipment that provides resistance to build strength, flexibility, and balance. It uses springs, straps, and a sliding platform for precise, controlled movements.

Do you need experience to take a reformer class?

No prior experience is required. The instructors provide clear guidance for beginners to learn proper form. People of all fitness levels can benefit from these classes.

What muscle groups do reformers work?

Reformers engage your core muscles including abdominals, back extensors, glutes, and shoulders for total body toning. The instability adds a balance challenge too.

Can the elderly or injured use reformers?

Yes, the adjustments make reformers adaptable for therapeutic exercise. Low impact options are available for special conditions under expert supervision.

What should you wear for Pilates reformer classes?

Fitted athletic wear like leggings, tanks, or shorts allow full range of motion. Bare feet or non-slip socks are best for using the foot straps safely.