What is Positive Intelligence?

What is Positive Intelligence?

Understanding Positive Intelligence

Positive intelligence is the practice of cultivating positivity, compassion, and emotional balance within oneself to promote wellbeing. This emerging field combines concepts from positive psychology, neuroscience, and social-emotional learning.

The Science Behind Positive Intelligence

Research shows that positive emotions and mindsets can improve health, relationships, resilience, and success. Positive intelligence aims to help people lead more fulfilled lives by training the brain to regulate emotions, think optimistically, connect with others through empathy and kindness.

Key Elements of Positive Intelligence

Some key elements include:

  • Self-mastery: Managing thoughts and emotions effectively
  • Triple focus: Balancing attention between yourself, others and the wider world
  • Altruism: Performing acts of kindness; seeing everyone’s humanity
  • Meaning mindset: Connecting daily events to personal values and purpose

Benefits of Practicing Positive Intelligence

Research links positive intelligence to:

  • Lower levels of stress and anxiety
  • Greater life satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Improved focus and productivity
  • Healthier relationships
  • Increased empathy, compassion and cooperation with others

Cultivating Positive Intelligence

Some ways to boost positive intelligence include:

  • Start a gratitude journal to rewire the brain to notice positives
  • Perform small acts of kindness to tap into empathy and compassion
  • Identify and reframe negative thought patterns
  • Set meaningful goals aligned with personal values
  • Practice mindfulness to manage difficult emotions skillfully

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key principles of positive intelligence?

The key principles are self-mastery, triple focus, altruism and a meaning mindset. These involve managing thoughts and emotions, balancing self/other/world focus, practicing kindness, and connecting experiences to personal values.

What are some benefits of positive intelligence?

Benefits include lower stress, greater happiness and life satisfaction, improved focus and productivity, healthier relationships, increased empathy and compassion.

How can I increase my positive intelligence?

Ways to increase positive intelligence include keeping a gratitude journal, performing small acts of kindness daily, identifying and reframing negative thoughts, setting meaningful goals, and practicing mindfulness.

Can positive intelligence help with depression or anxiety?

While not a replacement for medical care, research shows cultivating positivity, emotional balance and meaning can help lift mood and lower anxiety in supportive role alongside treatment.

Are there good books available on positive intelligence?

Some excellent books on the subject include Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson, Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine, and The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky.