Why 2015 Will Be the Year of the Health Coach Revolution

Why 2015 Will Be the Year of the Health Coach Revolution

Focus on Wellness, Not Profits

2015 is shaping up to be a milestone year, as all indicators point to health and wellness coaching continuing its rapid rise into the mainstream. But with increased popularity comes a risk of losing sight of the deeper purpose behind this movement.

It’s About More Than Weight Loss

Health coaching meets people where they are, with compassion not judgement, to support lasting lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes.

Building Community

By bringing people together around shared goals and values, health coaches have a unique opportunity to foster connection.

Making Time for What Matters

As schedules fill up, health coaching provides much-needed accountability and encouragement to stay focused on self-care.


What is the purpose of health coaching?

To empower people to make sustainable lifestyle changes that enrich their lives, not just help them lose weight.

How does health coaching build community?

It brings together groups who share similar health goals and creates a supportive environment.

Why is self-care important?

Making time for wellness prevents burnout and allows us to be fully present for others.

What makes health coaching different?

The non-judgmental, compassionate approach that meets people where they are.

How can I work with a coach?

Search online directories, ask for referrals from healthcare providers, or consult professional associations to find the right fit.