Why You’ve Probably Been Putting Your Mascara on All Wrong

Why You’ve Probably Been Putting Your Mascara on All Wrong

As women, we often feel pressure to meet unrealistic beauty standards. Social media feeds are filled with filtered photos that promote a singular idea of physical perfection. In striving to achieve these narrow ideals, we can lose sight of our innate beauty.

Finding Inner Confidence

True beauty stems from self-acceptance and inner confidence. It’s about feeling comfortable in our own skin, without comparing ourselves to others. When we focus less on our outward appearance, we make more space to develop our inner light.

Cultivating Self-Care

Nurturing our well-being allows our authentic selves to shine through. Simple self-care rituals like journaling, meditating, and spending time in nature can work wonders. As we tune into our needs and treat ourselves kindly, we glow from the inside out.

Seeing Each Other’s Radiance

Rather than making assumptions or judgments about others, we can choose to recognize each woman’s unique beauty. By supporting and celebrating one another, we create a community where everyone can thrive.


What does true beauty mean?

True beauty comes from self-confidence, self-acceptance, and embracing our authentic selves.

How can we cultivate our natural beauty?

Focus less on outward appearances, practice self-care, connect with our needs and values, and celebrate our own unique gifts.

Why should we stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic media images?

Filtered photos promote narrow beauty ideals that undermine our self-worth. Comparisons distract us from developing our inner beauty.

What are simple self-care rituals that help us glow from within?

Journaling, meditating, spending time in nature, moving our bodies, and practicing small acts of self-kindness allow our authentic selves to shine through.

How can we support the beauty in other women?

By choosing to recognize each woman’s unique radiance, avoiding judgments, and celebrating each other, we cultivate community.