Wrapped 2022

Wrapped 2022

Reflecting on the Year with Wrapped 2022

As the year draws to a close, Spotify has released its annual Wrapped feature, allowing listeners to reflect on their most played artists, songs, genres, and podcasts. For many, Wrapped has become a much-anticipated end-of-year tradition, giving people insight into their listening habits and perhaps bringing some surprises too!

Taking a Compassionate Look Back

While Wrapped is entertaining, this year let’s also take a thoughtful and compassionate look back. How we spend our time and what media we consume impacts our wellbeing. Let’s reflect on how music and podcasts made us feel – did they motivate or drain us? Inform or misguide?

Rather than judge our Wrapped results, let’s use them as inspiration to start 2023 with more intentionality about what voices and messages we let into our lives. The new year presents a chance to better align our actions with our values when it comes to the media we choose.

The Songs That Carried Us Through

For many people, music has a profound emotional impact. Certain songs can instantly transport us to meaningful memories and experiences. The tunes featured in Wrapped likely carried many listeners through the ups and downs of the past year. Even just a few notes of a beloved song can spark joy or comfort when we need it most.

Rather than analyze play counts, let’s reflect on how this music made us feel – what songs lifted our spirits or provided solace? Thinking about the role music plays in our wellbeing can help us make more conscious media choices aligned with our values moving forward.

Broadening Our Perspectives with Podcasts

In addition to music, Spotify’s Wrapped highlights the podcasts we spent time with this past year. Podcasts have the power to inform, educate, and expose us to diverse perspectives outside our bubbles.

As we glance at our top podcasts, let’s think about what ideas challenged us or opened our minds. What topics could we explore more to grow in compassion and understanding of others in 2023?

Focusing on Our Intentions for 2023

The new year offers a chance to set our intentions in many areas of life, including our media diets. After reviewing our Wrapped results, what changes might better serve our wellbeing and values moving forward?

Rather than judge our listening patterns, let’s use Wrapped as inspiration for more conscious choices that align with our aspirations in 2023 when it comes to music, podcasts, and media.


What new perspectives did I gain from podcasts this year?

Reflect on which podcast topics, guests, or episodes exposed you to new viewpoints or ideas outside your usual circles. What did you learn that brought more compassion or nuance to issues you care about?

How did music impact my moods and motivation?

Think about how your favorite songs and artists influenced your mindset and emotions in 2022. Did certain playlists pick you up when you felt down or help you power through tough workouts? Make note of how music impacted you for better or worse.

What songs brought me comfort or joy?

Many tunes have a nostalgic quality that instantly makes us feel good and transports us to happy memories. Which tracks never failed to lift your spirits or make you smile when you needed it most this past year?

Which artists and podcasts best reflect my values?

Review your top playlists and podcast subscriptions with your personal values in mind. Do your favorites align with what matters most and bring more purpose and meaning into your life? If not, what different voices could you tune into next year?

How can I make more intentional media choices in 2023?

Use the lessons from this year’s Wrapped to set some goals around curating media that nurtures your growth, brings you joy, and aligns with your aspirations next year. What music, podcasts, or content formats could support that moving forward?