You’re Invited: Try Dailey Method Barre for One Day Only in New York

You’re Invited: Try Dailey Method Barre for One Day Only in New York

Bringing the Community Together

We’re excited to invite the New York community to a special one-day event at Dailey Method Barre Studios. More than just a workout, it’s a chance for us to come together, support local businesses, and uplift one another.

A Positive Environment

The Dailey Method provides a judgement-free space focused on health and wellness for all. Their certified instructors create a nurturing environment where people feel empowered and inspired to be their best selves.

Self-Care for Every Body

This special event welcomes individuals at any fitness level. Modifications make classes appropriate for those new to barre, recovering from injury, managing a health condition, or looking to amp up their usual workout.

Benefits of Barre

A barre workout combines principles of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. It builds core strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. People often leave class feeling strong, centered, and calm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is barre?

Barre fuses ballet moves with Pilates and yoga for an energetic total body workout that targets strength, flexibility and balance. It focuses on small, controlled movements to sculpt every major muscle group.

Do I need experience with ballet or Pilates?

Absolutely not! Dailey Method Barre classes are designed for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Modifications allow everyone to participate safely and effectively.

What should I wear and bring?

Lightweight athletic clothing like leggings, tanks, socks and supportive footwear is best. Bring a water bottle and small towel if you tend to sweat. Optional items include yoga mats, resistance bands or weights.

Can I attend if pregnant or managing an injury?

Yes, instructors provide pregnancy and injury modifications to ensure classes are safe and beneficial for every body.

How can I learn more and sign up?

Visit our website at to read all about our services, class schedules and register online. You can also call 212-555-0121 or email [email protected] with questions.