Lifetime Fitness Is Finally Heading to NYC with This Splashy Mega-Gym

Lifetime Fitness Is Finally Heading to NYC with This Splashy Mega-Gym

Bringing Wellness and Community to NYC

Lifetime Fitness, a popular health club chain based in Minnesota, has officially announced plans to open an exciting new location in New York City. The massive, 100,000+ square foot fitness center and spa will provide New Yorkers with a spacious, state-of-the-art facility focused on overall health, community building, and wholesome living.

A Focus on Holistic Wellness

Unlike many gyms that emphasize physical fitness alone, Lifetime Fitness aims to nourish the mind, body and spirit in one location. Members will find tons of equipment for cardio and strength training. However, they’ll also have access to a full schedule of group fitness classes like yoga, Pilates and meditation which are great for reducing stress. Nutritional counseling, swim lessons and salon services also promote whole body wellness.

Community Building

Lifetime Fitness places a strong emphasis on bringing people together and building community. The new NYC location will hold member events like charity fundraisers and fun runs. There will also be social spaces like luxury lounges and cafes to relax in. These communal spaces facilitate friendship among members.

A Family-Friendly Environment

One of the unique things about Lifetime Fitness is that they strive to make fitness and health achievable for the whole family, regardless of age or ability. The NYC location will offer dedicated kids spaces with childcare programs and camps. There will also be youth fitness areas and pools tailored to teenagers. This makes it easier for parents to work out while their kids learn healthy lifelong habits.

Convenient Amenities

Although New Yorkers pride themselves on resilience, convenience can make healthy living easier to maintain. That’s why Lifetime is designing their new Manhattan location as a wellness hub with everything centrally located. Members will find fitness classes, personal training, luxurious spa treatments, salon services, nutrition help and medical exams all under one roof.


What makes Lifetime Fitness unique?

Lifetime Fitness stands out for their holistic approach focused on overall wellbeing across mental, physical and emotional health. They also emphasize community building and making health achievable for entire families.

What amenities will be included?

The New York City location will include tons of cardio and strength equipment, a pool, fitness studios for classes, personal trainers, spa services, salon, cafe, social lounge spaces, childcare and more.

How much will a membership cost?

Pricing has not yet been announced. However, expect premium pricing on par with other luxury gyms and spas in Manhattan.

When will the new location open?

Lifetime Fitness will begin construction soon, with plans to open the doors to the new flagship location sometime in 2025.

Will there be locations outside of NYC?

In addition to their Minnesota headquarters, Lifetime Fitness currently operates over 150 locations across 30 states. The NYC spot will be the first signature site for the brand on the East Coast with more slated to follow.