Equinox Acquires Printing House; Squash Players Freak Out

Equinox Acquires Printing House; Squash Players Freak Out

The recent acquisition of the iconic Printing House by fitness giant Equinox has sent ripples through the community of squash enthusiasts. With the fear of losing their treasured courts, members of the famous squash facility are voicing their concerns. In this deep dive, we’ll explore how this acquisition impacts the squash community and what it might mean for the future of the sport in urban spaces.

Understanding the Impact of the Acquisition

Equinox’s expansion into the Printing House’s territory has raised questions about the fate of the squash courts that have long been a part of the establishment’s charm. As Equinox is known for its high-end fitness facilities, many squash players worry that their beloved courts will be replaced by trendy yoga studios or state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

The Response from Squash Players

The squash community is known for its passion and dedication to the sport. The news of the acquisition has led to an outcry from players, with some taking to social media to express their dismay. The sense of community and the unique playing experience offered by the Printing House courts are irreplaceable to these athletes, and they fear the loss of a cultural staple in their fitness routine.

Equinox’s Plans for the Printing House

Despite the concerns, Equinox has not yet revealed its plans for the Printing House squash courts. The fitness conglomerate has a history of incorporating various sports facilities into their clubs, leaving a glimmer of hope that they may preserve the courts. However, until official plans are announced, the uncertainty will continue to loom over the Printing House’s loyal squash players.

What This Means for Urban Squash Facilities

The acquisition speaks to a larger trend in the fitness industry, where space in urban areas is at a premium. As larger fitness companies expand, niche sports like squash may find themselves competing for space. This could lead to a decrease in dedicated squash facilities, making it harder for the sport to attract new players and retain its current base.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Squash in the City

While the current situation may seem dire for squash enthusiasts, it’s important to remain hopeful. Advocacy and support for the sport can lead to creative solutions, such as partnerships with fitness companies or the development of multi-use spaces that can accommodate squash courts.


What is the Printing House?

The Printing House is a well-known fitness and squash facility located in an urban area, famous for its high-quality squash courts and tight-knit community.

Why are squash players concerned about Equinox’s acquisition?

Squash players fear that Equinox might replace the squash courts with other fitness amenities, as the company is known for its upscale, diverse fitness offerings.

Has Equinox made any official statements about the squash courts?

As of now, Equinox has not released any official plans regarding the future of the Printing House squash courts.

What can squash enthusiasts do to save their courts?

Players can organize, voice their concerns to Equinox, and rally community support to show the demand for preserving the squash courts.

Is there a chance that the squash courts will remain?

While the future of the courts is currently uncertain, there is always a possibility that they could be retained if Equinox sees the value in preserving this aspect of the Printing House’s legacy.