20 Body Positivity Affirmations to Start Loving Yourself Today

20 Body Positivity Affirmations to Start Loving Yourself Today

What is Body Positivity?

Body positivity is a movement that encourages people to have a positive body image and self-acceptance regardless of their appearance. It promotes the idea that all bodies deserve respect and dignity. The goal is to challenge unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by society and the media.

Why Body Positivity is Important

Practicing body positivity can have profound benefits on mental and emotional wellbeing. It can help boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety and depression, and promote healthier behaviors. Feeling good about your body makes it easier to take care of yourself through proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc.

20 Body Positivity Affirmations

Here are 20 positive affirmations to help cultivate body acceptance:

  1. I deeply and completely accept myself.
  2. I choose to be kind, patient and compassionate with my body.
  3. I focus on what my body can do, not just how it looks.
  4. My body is strong, resilient and allows me to live life fully.
  5. I nourish my body with healthy foods that make me feel good.
  6. Movement brings me joy. I honor my body’s needs.
  7. Every body is a good body. All bodies deserve respect.
  8. My beauty, worth and dignity do not depend on my appearance.
  9. I release judgments and treat myself with gentle understanding.
  10. My body carries me through life. I am grateful for all it does.
  11. I choose to surround myself with positive messages about body image.
  12. I am enough just as I am right now in this moment.
  13. Outer beauty fades. I focus more on inner wisdom, strength and compassion.
  14. My body is a vehicle to achieve my dreams and make a positive difference.
  15. I embrace my perfectly imperfect, ever-changing, uniquely beautiful body.
  16. My sense of self-worth comes from within, not my appearance.
  17. I appreciate all the functions of my body, not just how it looks.
  18. My body allows me to connect with loved ones and experience the world.
  19. Healthy behaviors feel good. I move and nourish my body with care.
  20. I release self-criticism and treat myself with the same kindness I offer others.

Tips for Practicing Daily Body Positivity

  • Start each morning by looking at yourself in the mirror and stating something you appreciate about your body.
  • Notice and challenge unrealistic media images that lower your self-esteem.
  • Keep a gratefulness journal listing all the things your body allows you to experience.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Spend time with people who reinforce your inner light, not just your appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some mantras I can repeat to myself about body positivity?

Some positive mantras include: I am enough. I deserve to feel good about myself. My body is perfectly made for me. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I choose kindness and self-acceptance.

How do I practice body positivity if I struggle with my appearance?

It’s a journey, be patient with yourself. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Focus on self-care through healthy habits. Do activities that make you feel empowered in your body like dancing, yoga or strength training. Surround yourself with supportive people who reinforce your inner strengths.

What if people close to me make critical comments about my body?

Gently set boundaries if others make hurtful remarks about your appearance. Clarify how those comments make you feel. Seek supportive communities to bolster your self-image in the face of unhelpful feedback.

How can parents teach body positivity to children?

Compliment them for non-appearance related traits. Emphasize their unique gifts and talents. Discourage commenting on weight and looks. Be a positive role model with your own body image. Teach media literacy skills from an early age.

What are other resources for learning about the body positivity movement?

Some great body positivity resources include websites, books, podcasts, social media influencers and workshops. Connect with the vibrant community speaking messages of body acceptance.